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Let me congratulate you on your decision to tie the knot, I am a strong believer in the power of love.

The whole universe conspired to help you find your soulmate!


Why did I become a Wedding Officiant? … My best friend and her husband decided to elope and chose a local judge to marry them.  The groom’s best friend and I came along to cheer our friends on.  Unbelievably this judge was aloof, impatient, and just downright rude.  I wanted to sweep them out of there and marry them myself.


The way my friends were treated on their wedding day plagued my brain and drove a deep desire in me to give couples an experience of romance, love, and joy. On that very day I decided to become a marriage officiant and thus Melinda Thee Officiant was born!


A LITTLE ABOUT ME…  Known professionally as Minister Melinda, I am a wedding officiant ordained by The Universal Life Church, based in Atlanta. 


What an honor it is to see couples at their happiest, when I get to join them in matrimony.  Let me say, love is my passion. I am a romantic who is fascinated with the art of love. My heart overflows with compassion and hopes for the healing of all humanity. A true Pollyanna I am, a social butterfly that has never met a stranger.


Growing up a military brat was such an adventure! I had the privilege of living in multiple states and countries around the world. Following in my father's footsteps, I also did a stint in the Army. Atlanta has been my home now for over fifteen years and I absolutely love this city!



Alongside officiating weddings, I am also a Licensed Esthetician. When I am not hitching lovers or pampering someone, you can catch me enjoying the great outdoors with my  beautiful family and hosting dinners at my home, I love to cook.

From religious to secular, and formal to informal, I perform all types of ceremonies. Every couple is unique and has a different story.



So, the perfect wedding to me is one that you want your way, whether it's a small intimate affair or a grand gala. All that matters is that you vow a commitment to love and have a blast at the same time. I'm excited for you and can't wait to hear from you!

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