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Domestic & International Travel

To ensure a seamless and memorable experience, I offer a comprehensive Out of State/Destination Wedding Package that includes my officiant services along with domestic and international travel arrangements. Here are the details:

Domestic: $2700

International: $3950


  • Officiating Service: The standard fee for my services, which includes rehearsal attendance and conducting the wedding ceremony.

  • Roundtrip Airfare: This includes the cost of roundtrip airfare from my location to your wedding destination, ensuring my timely arrival.

  • Baggage Fees: The fees associated with checked bags, if applicable, are also covered to ensure that I can carry necessary materials.

  • Hotel Accommodations: A 2-3 night stay in a hotel near the wedding venue is included. This allows me to arrive 2 days prior to the rehearsal and wedding, mitigating the risk of flight delays or other mishaps that could potentially affect my punctuality on the wedding day.

  • Ground Transportation: Ground transportation costs during my stay, including airport transfers and travel to and from the wedding venue, are covered.

  • Meal Per Diem: A per diem allowance is provided to cover meals and incidental expenses during my travel period.

  • Time Per Diem: Compensation is included for the time spent traveling, recognizing the value of my presence and dedication to your wedding day.

Recognizing the critical role as the Officiant in the wedding proceedings, I understand the potential impact of travel disruptions on my timely arrival.


My commitment to arriving 2 days before the rehearsal and wedding serves to minimize the risk of unexpected delays and disruptions, ensuring my presence for the rehearsal and the wedding ceremony.



Allowing for these buffer days, we can avoid any complications that may arise due to unforeseen travel circumstances, providing reassurance and peace of mind to both of us.

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