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Celebrity Wedding

Atlanta has become know the Hollywood of the South. In recent years Georgia lawmakers passed some of the most generous tax credits on film, tv and the music industry. These tax incentives assisted in bringing studios such as Atlanta Pine Studios (the largest purpose-built studio outside of Hollywood and the American outpost of the UK's legendary Pinewood Studio) which features 18 sound stages, to Georgia.

With Atlanta's booming film and music industry, thousands of people-from industry employees to celebrities-are relocating to the city. Celebrity sightings are becoming a lot more common in Atlanta.


Officiant Atl has been privileged and trusted to officiate the union of celebrity clientele. And if you are just a curious person who would like to know who they are, sorry, I wont share unless it was a publicized event. Celebrities have the burden of their public careers, but they still seek their private moments.

If you are a celebrity seeking private nuptials, Officiant Atl is a trusted officiant in the Atlanta community. Contact me directly @ 404-566-6719 or

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