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"Melinda was truly amazing as our wedding officiant. She worked with us on getting a script together that felt genuine to our relationship and officiated in such a way that let ourselves shine. She has a beautifully calm voice that resonates love and a gentle but confident vibe. I couldn't be more impressed with her and wish I had more time to chat with her on the big day."
-Margaret Casper,



  • No obligation consultation

  • Seamless Booking/Flexible payments

  • Multiple script/wording choices​


  • Detailed ceremony outline

  • Customized ceremony script creation that will convey your uniqueness and love for each other

  • Vow writing assistance, review, and tips

  • Editable access to your ceremony script

  • Unlimited script revisions

  • Unlimited phone calls, email, and remote meetings

  • Rehearsal attendance (+$100)

  • Practice of your wedding- processional, alter formation, order of ceremony, recessional


  • Early arrival 60 minutes prior to ceremony to speak with DJ, photographers, and other wedding vendors to ensure the proper flow

  • Back up officiant in the case of an unlikely emergency


  • Professionally officiating your wedding ceremony


  • Signing and filing of marriage license/Legalization of marriage

  • Traveling fees may apply for mileage, parking, flight, and hotel accommodations

  • Complete my Consultation Form to check my availability and schedule a consultation


Courtesy of Joshua Dwain Photography



  • $100 Per session bi - weekly or monthly

  • 1-6 hourly sessions


  • Notarized Certificate of Completion after 6 hours of premarital counseling

  • Meet with me from the comfort of your home with remote sessions.

  • Counseling Availability:

      Mon-Thurs @830 PM

      Learn more here


Courtesy of Thu Tran Photography

Courtesy of Thu Tran Photography

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